10AM — 1PM

from October 6
to November 17


for 7 weeks of classes
+ $50 course supply

+ Student Exhibition on November 24

east side collective

2400 E. Cesar Chavez #302
Austin, Texas 78702

class information
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An understanding of modular synthesis concepts and their underlying circuitry is important in order bring the sounds you imagine into reality.


In this 7-week class you will learn how modular synthesizers work and how to convert a schematic diagram into a working module.

Build your own analog modular synthesizer. This course is designed for musicians, sound artists, synthesists, electronicists, and anyone with an interest in learning electronics and building their own instrument. You will learn how modular synthesizers work at both the user and electronic level, and you will build several working modules in the popular Eurorack format.

This 7-week course will focus on helping each student to build several synthesizer modules. The first module will be a full synth voice of your instructor's design. Additional modules are your choice, based on the multitude of synth schematics available online. All modules are yours to keep at the end of the course. 



This course is designed for musicians, sound designers, and artists interested in a deeper knowledge of synthesis and circuitry. 


The course culminates in a public exhibition of the students’ work and the opportunity to participate in a solo or collaborative performance with your new instrument. You can check out past exhibitions here.

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Key Skills 


In-depth knowledge of how modular synthesizers work

How to convert a schematic diagram into a working module



the following materials are included and yours to keep:

Prototyping circuit boards and panels of the instructor's design

Various pots, knobs, switches, and buttons as needed

All necessary electronic parts (including resistors, capacitors, transistors, chips, etc.)



- Successful completion of the dadageek course
"Intro to Analog Audio Electronics"

- or the following equivalent skills:

+ Basic understanding of synthesizer terminology (e.g. oscillator, filter, voltage control)

+ The ability build a circuit from a schematic (on a breadboard or protoboard)

+ Good soldering skills

- A Eurorack case or rack small enough to transport to and from class. If you do not have one, you can buy one for $75

- Patch cables (3.5mm mono)



Artists Working in this Medium

about your instructor

“Mickey is great at distilling ideas down to the most important take-away. This is helpful when you’re a beginner and don’t know what data to pay attention to.”

— dadageek student


Mickey Delp is an electrical and computer engineer with expertise in analog and digital circuit design and embedded systems programming. He is the founder and Chief Inventor at Delptronics, a maker of unique electronic musical instruments.


Mickey is a frequent presenter at Dorkbot and Nerd Nite, and co-developed and co-runs the Nerd Nite Austin Ambassador program.

Mickey is also an electronic musician who performs solo and with various projects around Austin. Check out his performance at the dadageek student showcase in March 2017.


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