Austin's school for expressive technology. 
Uniting code, hardware, art + design. 


dadageek offers project-focused classes in tech art. Our mission is to offer education and community to those in Austin creating at the intersection of art, media, and tech. Our instructors are talented creative technologists with a passion for sharing their expertise with others. 




Intro to Robotic Art - workshop

Instructor: Matt Steinke
Sundays, Apr 15 - Apr 29  |  10 am - 1 pm
3 classes + student showcase

In this 3-session workshop, you will get introductory, hands-on training for building and programming your own mechanical art/music object using a Robot Controller Kit.




Intro to interactive Light-based art

Instructor: Mickey Delp
Saturdays, Apr 7
- May 19  |  10 am - 1 pm
7 classes + student showcase

Learn to create light-based artwork that reacts to sound, touch, and more. We will cover how to change colors and blink LEDs with a microcontroller and sensors. 


Intro to Robotic Art - CLASS

Instructor: Matt Steinke
Saturdays, Apr 7 - May 19  |  2pm - 5 pm
7 classes + student showcase

Learn to build robotic sculptures for installations or robotic instruments for performances using MIDI controllers to move servos, solenoids, and motors.


Intro to Digital Synthesis and Performance with Max

Instructor: Kyle Evans
Wednesdays, Apr
 11 - May 23  |  6 pm - 9 pm
7 classes + student showcase

Learn to design your own sounds from scratch! This class will guide you through the basics of digital synthesis, sound sample manipulation, and live audio processing.