Create Generative Sculptures with Everyday Objects Using Processing


Breathe artistic life into the seemingly mundane by transforming everyday objects with generative motion graphics.

In this project-based course, we will cover the fundamentals of the Processing framework to give you the tools to create your own generative art.

Then we will explore the intersection of digital and physical realities by projecting generative graphics onto common objects – a book, a glass of milk, a dress, or anything that suits your whimsy – in order to transform how we perceive them.


Processing is a highly visual coding language created by artists for artists. Processing has been used for everything from music videos to pieces featured in the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. Here, we will use Processing to juxtapose the physical with the digital to create evocative objects. 


  • No prior coding experience is necessary
  • Processing 3.x (free!) downloaded to your laptop
  • Open to adults 18+. Students 14-17 years of age may participate if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Questions about the course? Contact us at


Thursdays 6:00 - 9:00pm
Sept 22 - Nov 3 / exhibit Nov 13
$250 per student

81 San Marcos St, Austin, TX 78702



  • Discover the powerful visual impact of algorithmic graphics
  • Master the Processing language basics
  • Collaboratively create a group art exhibit
  • Explore the intersection of digital and physical media
  • Design and create your own generative “sculptures”
  • Strut your stuff in the class exhibition
  • Have fun with code! :)




Meet Your Instructor

Jerome Martinez is a software+mobile engineer by trade, but enjoys dabbling in anything artsy whenever he gets the chance. He has spoken about Processing at OpenHack and Processing Austin covering some of his random sketches. He aspires to have as much energy as Daniel Shiffman one day.



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